Fast Break: for breakfast in a hotel, guesthouse or B&B

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Simplify gluten-free breakfast for your guests with the Bottega Senza Glutine box!

Are you a hotelier, manage a guesthouse or a B&B and want to offer your celiac or gluten intolerant guests a delicious, safe and worry-free breakfast?

Bottega Senza Glutine has the solution for you: a practical box containing 5 gluten-free products, perfect for a complete breakfast or a quick snack:

  • Muesli: to start the day with energy and fibre
  • Sweet snack: a delicious treat for a tasty break
  • Spreadable slices: for a creamy and flavorful breakfast
  • Cereal bar: practical to take with you even outside the home
  • Spreadable jam: to accompany bread, biscuits or yoghurt

All the products included in the box are certified gluten-free and have a minimum expiry date of 5 months , for optimal stock management and maximum freshness.

Why choose our gluten-free breakfast box?

  • Practical: a complete, ready-to-serve solution , which allows you to save time and effort.
  • Tasty: carefully selected products to ensure a pleasant and satisfying breakfast experience .
  • Safe: the certainty of offering your guests a certified gluten-free breakfast , for total peace of mind.
  • Convenient: an excellent quality-price ratio , which makes our box a truly convenient investment.

Take advantage of the introductory offer:

  • Free shipping on orders of 12 boxes or more

Order your box now and give your guests a gluten-free breakfast they won't forget!

Visit the Bottega Senza Glutine website or contact us for more information and to order your boxes.

Furthermore, here are some points to underline for the practicality of using the box for hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs:

  • Simple management: the box is an autonomous unit, easy to manage and store .
  • Reduction of waste: single-portion packages avoid food waste .
  • Variety: The selection of products offers choice and meets different needs .
  • Customization: it is possible to request customized boxes with specific products.
  • Dedicated assistance: Bottega Senza Glutine offers a dedicated assistance service to answer any questions or needs.

With the gluten-free breakfast box from Bottega Senza Glutine, offer your guests excellent service and a worry-free breakfast!

Cost for 12 boxes : €61.80 VAT included

Weight per single box : approximately 450 grams

Delivery : 5 working days

Introductory offer : free shipping

For orders and further information write to: