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Mangiarsano - Gluten-free organic cocoa rice ladies - 250gr

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Il Mangiarsano - Castel Franco Veneto (TV) - Probios


*cane sugar, *rice flour 20%, *corn starch, * eggs , *corn flour, *rice starch 12%, *sunflower seed oil, *reduced cocoa powder 2.7%, * shea butter, *apple fiber, salt, raising agents (potassium tartrates, sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates), thickener: *guar gum, cocoa extract 0.1%, *natural flavouring, antioxidant: *extracts of rosemary.


Consume as it is. Ready for consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Energy value kj 1805
Energy value kcal 429
Carbohydrates 74 g
of which sugars 25 g
Protein 4.8g
Fats 12 g
of which saturated 4 g
fibers 2.7g
salt 0.60 g
EAN: 8018699011803

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