FAST BREAK: 5 gluten-free snacks for breakfast

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Bottega Senza Glutine offers a kit with 5 gluten-free products for breakfast or for a quick refreshment in a practical eco-friendly rigid package:

  • a pack of granola
  • a sweet snack
  • spreadable slices
  • a cereal bar
  • a spreadable jam

Each product in the kit has a minimum shelf life of 5 months .

The initiative was born with the aim of helping catering companies such as hotels and B&Bs in offering a safe, tasty and practical gluten-free breakfast, ready to serve.

Cost per Kit : €4.27 + VAT

Minimum order quantity : 12 packs (kits)

Weight for single kit : approximately 450 grams

Delivery : 5 working days

Introductory offer : free shipping

For orders and further information write to: