Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

Before and after delivery
After the delivery of the material if there should be any non-compliance with the request or the order forwarded both from the point of view of the quantity/quality and the type of goods.

In the event that the payment was made by credit card, a receipt of the bank transaction and a copy of the order confirmation return email which is sent via email for each order placed is sufficient.

Methods of payment and shipping

The payment methods are: Credit Card and Paypal.

It is possible to take advantage of free shipping with a total purchase of more than €39.
Under this figure, the shipment will cost:

€4.50 for all of Italy (Islands and Calabria excluded, the cost is €5.50) for purchases between €5 and €39.
€7 for all of Italy (including the Islands and Calabria) for spending up to €5.
For purchases over €39 made in Italy, we will pay the shipping costs!