Who we are

BSG extension is the acronym of “Shop without Gluten” in italian.

After more than 20 years of experience in gluten-free foods, meticulously researched, selected and sold on web when still the ranges to layout were few, BSG has followed the trend by expanding the range of assortments inserting

  • foods without allergens (lactose-free foods, yeast, eggs, etc.)
  • foods and organic products
  • foods for childhood
  • diet-therapeutic foods

Thus becoming a company highly specialized in the wholesale distribution of organic food and foods for intolerances.


BSG is born in the distant 2000 for there will from a business owner celiac father from two sons they too intolerant to the gluten.

There difficulty from find products different and the reduced number of the foods proposed in Pharmacy in that time, prompted him to contact producers directly, even small ones and with limited distribution possibilities, and to create the first gluten-free e-commerce.

In 2003 BSG is contacted by some companies of catering that had twice as much problem to find directly from the various structures (school / company canteens and hospitals) gluten-free food and to provide a wider range of products: it begins to develop what is now its core business by specializing in supplies to Collective Catering investing remarkable resources human and cheap.

Currently BSG supplies, in addition to structures specialized in collective catering, also hotel and tourist chains which the most major cruise ships .

The team

The BSG Team has raised awareness of the importance of supporting food supply managers avoiding the task of going personally to the pharmacy to buy gluten-free or food intolerance foods. Offers a savings in economic terms, a very vast and safe assortment .

Companies that deal with Collective Catering by managing Contracts in Public structures, must strictly subordinate their purchases to the legal requirements established for the various types of food to be administered present on the specifications, BSG offers expertise acquired in the field of food intolerances and on Dietotherapeutic Foods, in over a decade of work .

In a balanced diet it is very important not to eliminate foods that bring the correct nourishment to our body body, in this case BSG offers a complete range of quality products (from small artisan products, hardly available in GDO, at big brands already Note).

Predominant notes that distinguish the work of the team are the speed in supply and delivery on site and the personalized advice from a competent staff dedicated to responding to any type of information , giving the right assistance to the structures that must adjust at norms foreseen from the law 125/2005.


BSG extension is the Partner Ideal in degree from to offer a service safe And customized for all the food intolerance offering:

  • Wide food assortments : foods without gluten, protein free, without milk, without egg, without sugar, to the emmer, to the kamut and organic, furthermore can offer products for vegetarian diets and vegan.
  • Ability to have greater control over costs , with price lists always updated, is in the prices is in Announcements.
  • Transport services for ambient temperature, controlled temperature, fresh and frozen foods (also available for purchase in little ones quantities).
  • Distribution with direct or indirect delivery to meal production centres Which canteens school, canteens hospital or at the catering tourist naval/hotel.
  • Product research and consultancy everything related with cards techniques And cards allergens.
  • Custom shipments and deliveries , using transport with express couriers for deliveries also in 20/24 hours And shipments directly At customers private.
  • Shipments in small parcels or pallets according to customer needs .
  • Order fulfillment in maximum 5 working days . The personal he answers directly to the phone or mail for any information or need.
  • Personalized invoicing for cost centers and forwarded by tracings and files . I send invoices or documents using certified mail .